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General Dentistry

Exceptional General Dentistry in Onalaska

While many Onalaska folks hear the word general and think of something that is common, or average, our general dentistry service is anything but ordinary. With a gentle hand and a hawk’s eye for detail, your Onalaska dentist and our team at Neighborhood Smiles help patients and their families achieve and maintain optimum oral health for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is defined as the diagnosis and treatment of general conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and jaw. General dentists are the primary dental care providers for patients of all ages, and we can treat you and your entire family. Our job is to care for your overall oral health, and educate patients about the relationship between oral and total body health and wellness.

Oral Hygiene

One of, if not the most important factor in your oral health is oral hygiene. Our outstanding hygiene team is gentle yet thorough and will give you a good deep clean without the discomfort. One of the most important actions in maintaining excellent oral health and teeth is quality and consistent oral hygiene care. Our hygienists are some of the best in Onalaska, and with compassion and precision, will make sure your teeth and gums are as clean and healthy as possible. 

Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting over half of the American adult population. Many cases remain undiagnosed. What many patients don’t realize is that gum disease can have serious consequences for not only the health of your mouth, but your overall and systemic health as well. Don’t ignore bleeding gums, treat your gum disease before it progresses to the point of no return.


If you are suffering from a tooth or teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged at Neighborhood Smiles can restore your smile in form and function with beautiful, durable, and natural-looking crowns or bridges. Don’t let damaged teeth remain damaged. Restore your smile for your oral health, your appearance, your confidence, and your life.

If you have any questions about any of the general dentistry services we offer, or would like to schedule an appointment at Neighborhood Smiles, please contact our office today at (608) 783-6384.