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Teeth Whitening

Hit the “refresh” button on your smile

Whether you are looking for a quick boost of confidence for an upcoming life event, you’re starting to notice the effects of your morning coffee routine, or you’re just tired of looking tired, teeth whitening at Neighborhood Smiles can take your smile from blah to beaming.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

It’s not rocket science; a white smile is much more attractive than a yellow one. What many patients don’t realize is that attractiveness goes far beyond appearances and aesthetics. That attractiveness correlates to all aspects of your life and is a reflection of your personality and success.

Imagine a pair of twins – they have the same personalities and the same qualifications, and are identical, except one has a bright white smile, the other is yellow and stained. Which one would you think is generally happier? Which would you rather take on a date? Which one would you hire? The answer is clear, or maybe it’s bright white. A professional teeth whitening treatment from Neighborhood Smiles can take years off your smile, and give you a well-deserved boost of confidence that just might open up new doors of possibility, and turn a few heads.

What are my options?

Our patients always ask us about all of the different teeth whitening products on the market. While many over the counter products – toothpaste, mouth wash, white strips, gels – work just fine at removing surface stains, only a professional whitening treatment from your local Onalaska dentist will be effective at removing those deep, pesky intrinsic stains that give teeth their color. That’s why we always tell our patients if you want your results to be maximized, and long lasting, you should opt for a professional whitening treatment with us. We offer in-office whitening treatments, as well as take-home options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Is whitening bad for teeth?

The short answer is, NO. That is one of the biggest rumors circulating about teeth whitening is that because some patients experience mild sensitivity following treatment, that it is somehow bad for your teeth, or it breaks down tooth enamel. This is simply not the case. The reason some patients experience sensitivity after whitening their teeth is that the bleaching agent opens up the internal channels of the teeth, allowing it to penetrate deeper and break up stains. Sensitivity is usually mild and will subside shortly after treatment.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or would like to schedule an appointment at Neighborhood Smiles, please contact our office today at (608) 783-6384. We can’t wait to refresh your smile!