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Dental Crowns

man smiling with dental crowns

Restore broken, cracked, decayed teeth

If you are suffering from a tooth or teeth that are cracked, broken, chipped, decayed, or missing, don’t wait around for the problem to get worse. At Neighborhood Smiles, we can fit you with a beautiful new crown that can restore your smile to its beautiful form and function. We have a number of materials we can use for dental crowns to fit your specific needs – only the best for our Onalaska patients!

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are very popular tooth restoration solutions. If you have a tooth that has been compromised or damaged in some way, a crown might be a good option for you. Crowns can be made from a number of different materials, depending on your specific needs – porcelain, ceramic, porcelain/metal, resin, metal alloys (gold, silver, mercury). Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages over the others, and the treatment plan we decide upon varies per patient. The ideal crown material for you will depend upon:

  • Location
  • Patient habits (clenching, grinding, etc.)
  • Aesthetic
  • Patient needs and history

Why do I need a dental crown?

We recommend dental crowns for many reasons. The benefits of dental crowns range from cosmetic, to functional and health benefits. If you have teeth that are damaged, we always recommend you have them restored to prevent further complications. Crowns can restore teeth in form and function, and prevent further damage and decay. Crowns can be used as the finishing touch after a root canal procedure, or to cover a dental implant for a missing tooth.

If you are suffering from a damaged tooth or teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact your Onalaska dentist at Neighborhood Smiles. Give us a call today at (608) 783-6384.